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Specialty Tools for Volvo


3598 VOLVO Camshaft Alignment Tool (For B4204 Engine)

● Special design to align the engine camshaft and crankshaft position, and correct into the side cover. Applicable: VOLVO B4204 engine (8-Speed Transmission).
● Applicable:
Volvo S60 (2011~present), Volvo S60L (2007~present)
Volvo S80 (2007~present), Volvo V40 (2013~present)
Volvo V40 Cross Country (2008~present), Volvo V60 (2008~present)
Volvo V60 Cross Country (2008~present), Volvo V70 (2008~present)
Volvo XC60 (2008~present), Volvo XC70 (2008~present),
Volvo XC70 (2016)
● OEM No. : 9997490, 9997493, 9997495, 9997496, 9997497.