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3645 Diesel Nozzle Injector Test and Calibrating Pump (Spray Insize)

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Pressure and Leak Tester


  • Test device with fuel tank, hand lever 400mm length and pressure clock with rubber protective cap, for accurate testing of injectors.
  • Suitable for all diesel injectors except CDI injectors and pump nozzle units.
  • Mutiple properties of the injector nozzles can be checked, for example checking the opening pressure, image of the atomization, leakage of the nozzle, jet form of the
    leaking fuel, acousticcontrol (snoring property).
  • Measuring range of pressure clock up to 400 bar (5800 psi), display diameter 90mm.
  • Includes a connection cable and 3 adaptors, M12 x 1.5mm, M14 x 1.5mm and  M17 x 0.75mm, large metal base, 190 x130mm,
  • with 6 holes 8mm for fixed adaptation, fuel tank made plastic with integrated fine filter.