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3680 SAC Clutch Assembly & Disassembly Tool Kit

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Gearbox and Clutch Tools


  • Designed to ensure that the SAC is evenly torqued to the flywheel avoiding potential damage to the SAC adjustment mechanism.
  • Necessary for pre-tensioning self adjusting clutches before removal or installation.
  • Prevents plate distortion which may prevent the clutch from disengaging or cause dragging.
  • Features a refitting tool, allowing the clutch adjuster to be wound back, and six alignment adaptors.
  • Kit includes:
    • Clamping tools (3 & 4 point clamping tool pieces)
    • Clutch compression strut
    • BMW clutch alignment tools (15/23mm, 15/28mm & 15/34mm sizes)
    • Clutch resetting tool
    • Clamping tool handles (x2)
    • Additional clutch alignment tools (x3). Blue (19.75mm), Pink (20.75mm) & Black (stepped 19/15/14mm)
    • Knurled nuts (x4) for use with threaded bolts
    • 5 sets of 4 threaded bolts (M6x1.00, M8x1.25, M7x1.00, M8x1.25 &  M6x1.00)
  • Applicable model: BMW
  • Made in Taiwan