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3719 Nissan Stretch Belt Tool Kit (For Hybrid Car)

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For Renault & Nissan


  • Necessary items when removing and installing the fan belt.
  • Application: When removing and installing the auxiliary belt of Nissan’s S-hybrid-equipped vehicle,
    the gap between the engine and body is narrow and it is difficult to move the auto tensioner.Therefore, a special tool is required to loosen the auto tensioner!Turn the crank pulley with a wrench so that the belt tool is sandwiched between the pulley and the belt,
    slide the auto tensioner to the fixing hole position
    , insert the L-shaped wrench and fix it, and the belt can be attached and detached
  • Tool set that is convenient to carry and store with an L-shaped wrench and case.
  • Compatible model [Nissan] S-hybrid equipped vehicle
    Serena: C26 October 2012-Engine model: MR20DD-SM23 Hydraulic
    Serena: C27 August 2016-Engine model: MR20DD-SM24 SP type
    X-TRAIL: T32 December 2013-Engine model: MR20DD-RM31 Hydraulic
  • Made in Taiwan