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4242 12pcs Trim Panel Tool Set

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Dashboard and Trim Removal Kit


  • Including in the form of 11 different shapes.
  • A balance of flat and angled pry tools allows most clips, panels or cover to be gently lifted while minimizing the likelihood of damage to the base materials.
  • Material: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Contents:
    • 11pcs shapes
      • 60mm x 160mm
      • 21mm x 178mm
      • 20mm x 211mm
      • 30mm x 200mm
      • 75mm x 176mm
      • 38mm x 198mm
      • 24mm x 202mm
      • 24mm x 200mm
      • 15mm x 202mm
      • 30mm x 202mm
      • 33mm x 198mm
      • 55mm x 170mm
    • 1pc Composite hammer
      • Suitable for trim and panel works.
      • Less likely to damage the painted finishes
  • Weight: 1.28kg
  • Made In Taiwan