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Transmission Jack


5018 TJ1000 Telescopic Transmission Jack (Capacity: 1000kg)

  • Fully adjustable universal saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chain
  • Bracket and chain slings are adjustable to accommodate transmission, clutch and differential of varying size.
  • Wide base with four 3-1/2″dia. Swivel casters provided stability and easy manoeuvering.
  • Safety bypass system prevents the jack from being over extended beyond its rated capacity.
  • Rugged support design to provide greater stability.


  • Dimension (Width x Length x Height: 950mm x 950mm x 1100mm
  • Maximum Height: 1800mm (5.9ft)

Made in Taiwan

Factor to take in when choosing a correct transmission jack:

  1. Weight – Make sure the transmission jack you choose is rated to handle the weight of your transmission.
  2. Height, Lift range and Base size – Tall enough to reach the tranmission from the ground, has a lift range that will allow you to work on tranmission comfortably and has a base large enough to provide stablity.


3 months warranty for hydraulic equipment. service hotline will be provided for warranty issue.