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Oil Servicing Series


7049 Single Way Brake Bleeder

  • This  professional one way brake bleeder tools is for commercial or domestic use.
  • The purpose behind this handy tool is to allow fluid and air to escape while preventing air from  re-entering system.
  • One person use. Quickly and easily bleed air and brake fluid from brake lines.
  • Makes a messy job effcient and clean.
  • This kit comes with two sizes of rubber pipes to fit a wide application of brake nipples,  a full set of instructions for easy and accurate use, a bottle for pouring or bleeding into,  total capacity 500ml and this kit comes complete ina plastic box for storage and transportation.
  • Included :
    10 x rubber pipes in two sizes (3mm & 5mm)
    2 x hoses : 600 length – 5mm ID, 500 plastic bottle
    Plastic case, Full set of instruction