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Oil Servicing Series


9117 Brake Fluid Tester (Model: BFT-320)

● The particularly BFT 320 allows measurement of the boiling points of all glycol-based brake fluids ( DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1) with the same precision as in a laboratory.
● TheBFT 320 is an extremely practical tester with a 12-Volt power supply.
● it is simple to perform the measurement at the expansion tank in the vehicle.
● A specimen vial and a pipette are supplied to allow measurements to be performed away from the vehicle.
● The simple menu guidance for users is a highlight of the ATE BFT 320. Measurement takes only around 30 seconds and the measured value is shown on a digital display.
● A recommendation as to whether to replace the brake fluid is then shown.
● This means that it is no longer necessary to change brake fluid merely on suspicion.