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9283 Drive Line Bearing Cup Installer

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Steering Series


  • Install two bearing caps in one procedure on virtually all medium and light-duty u-joints.
  • Manufactured from high-grade steel for strength and durability
  • Simple to use for instant results.
  • Instruction:
    • An encased magnet is utilized for installation, retaining the new bearing cap in place over the yoke assembly opposite the forcing screw. Once this assembly is secured, a second bearing cap is positioned for installation by means of the plunger found at the end of the forcing screw.
    • An impact or hand wrench is applied to the forcing screw, securing the first bearing cap in place and allowing installation of the first retaining clip. The u-joint is then rotated and the process repeated, effectively installing both bearing cap
  • Application:
    • Commonly found on class 1-2 trucks, cars and equipment. (Ford F-150/350, Chevrolet 1500/3500, Ram 1500/3500, etc.)
    • Bearing caps with a minimum diameter of .85″
    • Max opening of 5.675″ and a throat depth of 2.2″
  • Made In Taiwan