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G3678 Glatt 40pcs Injector Slide Hammer Kit

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Plug and Injector Tool Kit


  • For removal of diesel injectors Various adaptors make the kit suitable for most diesel injectors Includes also the following components:
  • Contains: 3 different slide hammers: 1.6 kg, 160 mm length 2.7 kg, 460 mm length 5.1 kg, 600 mm length
  • 2 pulling claws with fork opening: 13.7 x 18 mm, 105 mm length 12.7 x 19 mm, 130 mm length
  • 5 slotted 6-pt 1/2″ sockets, 100 mm length sizes 25 – 27 – 28 – 29 – 30 mm injector extractor, sleeve design, with shells outer diameter 35 mm, internal diameter 29 mm,M17 x 1.0 spindle pulling adapter with external thread M27 x 1.0 (3pcs) and M25 x 1.0 pulling adapter with internal thread M27 x 1.0 (3pcs) sliding hammer adapter for inner, outer and claw extracto
  • Made in China