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GYS-2700 Multi Functional Dent Puller

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Dent Puller and Welding Machine

GYS-600 Trolley

  • Four available modes:
    • Star-washer welding for panel beating
    • Wavy-wire welding, ideal for curved profiles (e.g.wheel arches)
    • Shrinkage, for slight impacts and finishing work
    • Suitable for use with a graphite pencil
  • Specification:
    • Max Output: 2600A
    • Cable length:
      • Power Supply: 2M
      • Earth cable: 1.7M
      • Gun: 1.8M
    • Standard accessories:
      • spot slide hammer (1.1 kg / x1)
      • star-washer support tip (x1)
      • star washers (x3)
      • contact shrinking tip (x1)
      • earthing pad (x1)
  • Deliver with GYS 600 trolley
  • Made In France

Please Read Before Use