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Wheel Nut Removal Series

4203 (2)

4203 9pcs Wheel Lock Removal Impact Socket Set

    • Suitable for Impact Use with 1/2″ Wrench Gun or hand wrench.
    • This set will remove and replace most locking wheel nuts / hub cap locks on GM, Ford, Chrysler and after market wheel nut locks when you have lost the key.
    • Removes and replaces hub caps without damage or distortion to the original cap.
    • Removes and replaces the following hub cap / locks.
      1. GM Sproket hub cap locks remover
      2. GM spline hub cap locks
      3. Ford and Chrysler hub cap locks
      4. Large Universal locking lug nut remover
      5. Large Wheel Cover Lock Remover
      6. GM “M” & “F” body wheel lock remover
      7. Oversize Wheel Lock remover
      8. Remover for stripped 18mm Lug nuts
      9. Lug nut remover Punch
  • Oversize after market wheel locksCan be used on a 1/2″ drive ratchet or various size sockets (ranging from 19mm – 22mm).
  • Made In Taiwan