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9238 Disc Lather Machine

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Brake Repair Tools


  • Eliminate the assembly error when disassembling and assembling the brake disc.
  • On the car repair without the need to disassembling the brake disc.
  • Save labour and time
  • Convenient for the technicians to compare the run out tolerance before and after cutting brake disc.
  • Max Disc Diameter: 500mm
  • Made In China

Product specification:
Model name: AM-983
Working height (min / max): 0.78 / 1.2M
Drive Speed : 150rpm
Motor Power: 750W
Electrical Specification: 220v / 50hz
Ambient temperature range: -30 ~ -60 degree
Maximum diameter of brake disc: 500mm
Thickness of brake disc: 6 ~ 40mm
Cutting depth per knob: 0.005 ~ 0.015mm
Cutting precision: <0.00 – 0.003mm