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G7025 ABS Brake Bleeder Kit (Glatt Tools)

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Brake Bleeder Kit


  • Designed for bleeding brake and clutch systems for vehicles with an ABS system.
  • One-man operation possible in your own garage, and it is suitable for a professional workshop.
  • The bleeder uses standard workshop air supply (10 – 40 psi) to efficiently flush and refill the brake system on most vehicles.
  • The low pressure tank can be pre-charged with compressed air, making the unit fully portable.
  • This brake bleeder kit is a great time saver, especially if you service brakes on a regular basis.
  • Contains a wide range of European, Japanese and US vehicle adaptors.
    Includes 1 adaptor kit, 1 bleeder tank with a pressure gauge, 1 collection bottle, and 1 fluid hose with a quick connector.
  • Made In China