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M0036 MV Agusta Wheel Nut Socket


• The standard 56mm socket will not fit properly on your MV’s Axle Nut.
• This is because the large axle nuts on all MV’s have a special 2mm taper.
• This tool kist for the MV Agusta with a 56mm rear and 26mm front wheel nut, designed to fit perfectly snf noyt ruin your aluminium axle nut.
• A locater is build into the socket keeps the tool from slipping off the nut when tightening.
• The tool also has a socket for MV ‘s front axle.
• This tools material are Aluminium, designed to be used only within the MV Agusta recommended torque settings, never use power or air tools on these critical components, if overtighnened eliminating damage and expensive lock nut, spindle or swing arm replacement.